Radio Star International Returns

January 17th 2016

After around 18 months since our last broadcast  RSI will return once again on the 17th January 2016 from 0830 until 1600 UTC on  the 48mb 6210 Khz plus the 41mb on about 7700 Khz.


This will be the stations 6th birthday broadcast, being first heard in December 2009.

The original three presenters will be on air once again with a mix of music and style to suit most  tastes..


Do send us a reception report to the usual address either via letter or e-mail we will be very happy to hear from you..


You can E-mail your reports and comments to or our Radio Chat Message board.

All reports to our Email address will be verified with an E-QSL.




About Radio Star International home

RSI is a short wave free radio station designed to entertain Shortwave listeners, with a mix of music from the 50's to today plus informative chat and news about Free Radio and SW listening.

Our first broadcast took place in December 2009, with further bi monthly broadcasts during 2010 and 2011.


We transmit with an output power of 500W using a sloping dipole antenna from a secret location and we target our transmissions mostly at the UK and also western Europe.

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Our last broadcast took place on the weekend of the 12/13th of April 2014, but the 100w transmitter quickly developed a fault with the modulation transformer, This resulted in the termination of the broadcast on 6220 Khz. Transmissions were repeated successfully over the Easter Weekend.

We look forward to reading your letters and reports, you can contact us by Email, via our radio chat message board or via good old fashioned letter through the post.

Schedule for our next Broadcast


Our programmes will be on 6210 and 7700 kHz

(Subject to change) on 17/01/2016.

Reception reports can be sent via

0830 Non Stop Music

0900 Good morning Sunday....Roger Dale

1000  Solid Gold 70's..Christopher Phillips

1100 Music & Chat..... Matt Roberts 

1200 Nice n Easy......Roger Dale

1300 Music Box........ Christopher Phillips

1400 It's that man again...Matt Roberts

1500 Afternoon Spin......Roger Dale

1600 Close.

Broadcasting from a secret location somewhere in Europe



If you would like a mention in any of our shows .


Station manager and senior Disc Jockey is station founder Roger Dale, who has been involved in the radio business for too many years to remember. He’s been involved in many free radio stations but not always as Roger Dale. Roger said to our web master that ”I really want to see a professional free radio station run by British free radio enthusiasts on air once again. It's been many years since we had a really entertaining station on the bands and I do hope RSI will go some way to filling the gap”. 

Our Matt is also the operator of a fellow free radio station and again has spent many years in the free radio game.
He does have a taste for tea so he tells our web master. Matt's music tastes are varied so expect almost anything when he's behind the mic. He's always got interesting items to talk about on air so don't expect just music when Matt's on RSI.

  • Chris admits he is not a morning person, so that's why we have given him an afternoon show. He was a fan of the offshore stations in the 80's and a recent convert to real ale.
  • He returns this time around with the new Solid Gold 70's show at 1000 hrs and the Lunchtime music box at 1300 hrs You can e-mail future shows at or join us on the DX CHAT message board.

Peter has a wealth of free radio experience and has successfully ran the legendary FREE RADIO SERVICE HOLLAND(FRSH) since 1980 and he still does making the station one of the longest running true free radio stations left on short wave.
We  are delighted he is joining us and we hope he will become a regular voice on RSI..

The soul man Tim is an expert in Soul music in its various forms and has a vast collection on vinyl and CD - much of it will get an airing on RSI.
Like all his colleagues he has been involved in free radio for several years and we are pleased he's now joined RSI.

  • He prefers to remain anonymous and refuses to let his face be seen.He is a really strange character is Mr Kid. He loves classic rock and has a big Harley Davidson motor bike and loves going to watch live rock music any where. He's has very long hair and a beard and looks dangerous but he's  a softy at heart.







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PO Box 2702

6049ZG Herten


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